Michelle did such an INCREDIBLE job helping me organize a closet that I thought was an impossible task.   My closet was a literal disaster.  

When Michelle came to my home she was completely on task with a PLAN.  She jumped right in and after the first day it was evident that a job I thought could never be done was taking shape. We found clothes I forgot I had and cleared out clothes that were weighing me down and taking up space.  She also took all the clothes I no longer wanted and organized them to be sold at consignment shops.  I have already made back our first days hours in clothing sold!  

Michelle is HIGHLY EDUCATED in FASHION and TRENDS, as well as FOCUSED, HARD WORKING,  and ORGANIZED. Oh yeah, and did I mention FUN! 

I used to always be late because I was so stressed trying to find something to wear. Not anymore, my closet is now like a SHOWROOM of clothing, jewelry, shoes, and bags.  I feel more CONFIDENT and have been getting many COMPLIMENTS. I look forward to the next step which will be to shop together to fill the holes in my wardrobe. Who knew cleaning a closet could be so much fun! I highly recommend her to anyone in need of ALLEVIATING the STRESS of a CLUTTERED LIFESTYLE!! 
— Marie Shea
Before Michelle came to my closet, I decided I might need to organize a few things. I have never been good at organizing and I seem to not want to let go of my old clothes. I guess I was a little bit of a hoarder I have some great pieces in my closet but didn’t know how to wear them. Michelle is so KIND and FUNNY and did not make me feel bad or funny about my closet. I was completely COMFORTABLE having her go through all my stuff.

So Michelle started with questions regarding what I like and why. I tried many things on and we eliminated clothes based on date and trend. She organized piles to donate, one to consignment and the other to charity. Michelle showed different combinations of wearing shirts/sweaters depending on the shoe as well as purse accessorizing. My clothes were put back according to the material, style, color, and type of article: pants, dress, shirt, etc. 6 weeks later my closet is still organized and I find myself wearing clothes that are fresh again.

I no longer have shoe boxes on my shelves but rather I showcase my pretty shoes so I know what I have and can see them. I feel LESS CHAOTIC in life and I believe it is because of my new closet. When things are organized everything seems to fall into place. I did not go out and spend tons of money but rather Michelle used what I had and we did some styling updates with a list of missing items to purchase to round out my closet.
— Kerry Clay
I wanted someone to work with me on my closet. I hired Michelle and what I loved most was when she came to my closet, she found things in my closet that I never wear, and showed me how to wear them in new ways. I loved that she gave me the COURAGE to put things together that I wouldn’t have put together on my own. And I LOVED our personal shopping day! She is super FUN and the whole experience was a blast!!
— Michele Ferenchick
Michelle came to my home and we did a 3 hour session putting outfits together from my closet. Michelle was organized, did a great job of getting to know my style and respected that as we dug through my closet. It felt like I was playing dress up with a close friend! We had the best time together. Michelle empowered me to rock some edgy styles which is what I was looking for and shared some great tips and tricks with me. After she left, I realized how much money I could save by not buying more but getting creative with what I owned or by buying more intentionally on key pieces I need. Michelle is truly a professional in the fashion industry and great at what she does!
— Renee Privette
Michelle helped me get rid of clothes that were no longer serving me! She helped me clean out my closet and also helped me in acquiring some new pieces that make me feel confident. She gave me some tips for dressing for my body type. She used my existing wardrobe to help me put new looks together. She has an energetic and encouraging approach. There really is no limit on her ability to help. Whatever your style is now, she can take it up a notch!
— Danielle Frazer-Martinchek