8 Spring/ Summer trends that will perfect your closet

By: India Ambrose.

This fashion season, there are so many styles and garments that will add a flare to your closet. This season, fashion is moving toward daring looks and prints, while keeping the summer comfort in play. The following eight trends give a look into the styles that you could have in your closet too!

1.       Neon

Whether it be neon pink, yellow, or green, this color choice is and always will be a staple. One of the looks that has been frequent is a pink sleeveless bodysuit and a muted color bottom. Anyone can pull off this color palette this summer!

Photo courtesy of Fashionismo

Photo courtesy of Fashionismo

2.       Fabric manipulation (knot tops)

This trend can add depth to any garment. One fabric manipulation trend that has been very visible is knot tops. This is when you knot any shirt to either make it a crop, or to add some dimension. Pair this with a cute high waisted jean, and you are right on trend!

Photo courtesy of Anabella’s

Photo courtesy of Anabella’s

3.       Animal print

It’s a jungle out there! Snakeskin, Leopard, and Cheetah are timeless prints that can be cute as a snakeskin tote or a Leopard jumpsuit. These prints are perfect for a summer night out outfit or a day time lunch date look.

Photo courtesy of Cut y Paste

Photo courtesy of Cut y Paste

4.       Jumpsuits

A crowd favorite is the jumpsuit. Sleek and comfortable, they are perfect for nights out as well as summer days on the beach. A versatile garment, this trend can be worn with heels or even worn dressed down with tennis shoes. Printed or a single color, these are a fun pick for the summer months and can be versatile for the coming fall months.

Photo courtesy of Chicloth

Photo courtesy of Chicloth

5.       Athleisure

Everyone loves comfort, and athleisure allows for people to dress cute, yet comfy. Being able to adapt athletic wear to be worn in the workplace and school has made it a very popular trend that will continue on for a long period of time. Whether you pair leggings with a jean jacket and a classic tank top. Even wearing a simple cotton racerback dress and sneakers can elevate a simple look to a athleisure trend.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

6.       White tennis shoes

Anything can look good with white, and this includes white tennis shoes! This is something that your closet desperately needs, and can take any look where you want it to go. For example, you could pair white tennis shoes with a higher end dress, or pair it with the aforementioned athleisure wear.

Photo courtesy of Amazing Lace

Photo courtesy of Amazing Lace

7.       Summer blazers and lightweight suits

Lightweight, breathable, and colorful. These three words describe the fun summer blazer that is on trend this season. Different than your average blazer, summer blazers are great to pair with matching lightweight bottoms or even rolled up jeans white tennis shoes. This look is so versatile for the summer and can dress up any look.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

8.       Matching set

Matching sets are an easy way to look cute and put together with little to no thought. Not only is it efficient, but it is versatile. It could be like the summer blazer and bottoms or it could be a crop top and shorts. Not only can you wear these as sets, but you can also mix and match them to add some flavor.

Photo courtesy of Reformation

Photo courtesy of Reformation

Boutiques of West Michigan Fashion Show Experience

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had an interest in fashion. From  drawing designs to my love of shopping, I cultivated my passions in college as a fashion merchandising major at Central Michigan University. I began to witness the creation of textiles and the genius behind dressing mannequins and their window displays. One of my biggest wishes as a fashion major was to witness a big fashion show. I attended two campus fashion shows, yet it was not enough. I wanted to see the behind the scenes of one.

The whole reason I found this opportunity was through my internship search. I reached out to Michelle and she was eager to work with me. My first day working with her would end up being this very fashion show. I was extremely nervous to finally meet her and work with her, yet she put me at ease about it all.

    When Michelle Krick told me about the Boutiques of West Michigan fashion show, I was not fully aware of the size of the event nor the number of things I would be able to experience behind the scenes. For someone who truly wanted to experience what happens before show time, this opportunity was huge. On May 4th, I woke up with a smile on my face because it was show day! The events for the day started around 11:30 pm.  The first thing that I was to do was head to About Face in East Grand Rapids. About Face is a makeup and beauty salon and this was where the models prepared for the show. I watched as they were pampered with eyeshadows and lipstick while next door, in The James Salon and Boutique, models were also getting their hair styled. They were bustling back and forth, the energy high as the stores worked together to pamper the models.

beauty 1.png
beauty 2.png

My job for the day was to work with one of Michelle’s friends to set things up ahead of time for the show. One thing that no one warns you about is the amount of leg work it takes! We took some lighting, a dress rack, and mannequins to the show’s location. Our job was to set up the Michelle Krick Style booth featured at the fashion show.

We put the mannequins together, set some tables up, and laid out her business cards. My job was to also dress the mannequins with clothing from LA Miller Boutique.  After that, her friend and I watched the models line up for the dress rehearsal. Every model that was there, including Michelle’s, stood in line based on who went first in the show, and they did a run through. A lot of the time spent was just us waiting around for the next step. I always thought that fashion shows had to be consistent movement at all times, but for the models it was a lot of waiting around for the actual show.


After the run through, the models were rushed upstairs to get dressed and ready for the show. Michelle helped the models, who were actually her good friends, get dressed in the proper outfits.  I enjoyed being around them throughout the long day because they enhanced that experience for me. The garments were from the various boutiques from West Michigan who had booths at the show. The boutiques included LA Miller Boutique, Iris Boutique, Lee and Birch, Marie La Mode, JB and Me, Lennon and Willow, Kyra Danaya Collection, and more. Michelle picked garments that fit the latest trends, such as knot tops, animal print (snakeskin), and jumpsuits. Michelle, her friend, and I helped get the models zipped up and tucked in while they got their makeup and hair touched up.

BOWM 1.jpg
bowm 2.jpg

Though our day started at 1:30, the show did not start until 6pm. The models made their way to the location where they would be walking out to the stage for the actual show. I noticed that most of the models were not nervous; they were overall excited to walk. They lined up and prepared for their turn to go. Each model walked out individually, and the others waited for their cue to go. The energy backstage was hype yet calm and prepared. The models did their main walk through  and then the finale walk through. The second time Michelle’s models walked, they carried out little photo frames with style quotes inside. The purpose of them taking the signs around only the second time was so that the garments would be the focus the first time around, while the second time the fun quotes would be a nice addition.

bowm 3.jpg
bowm 4.jpg

At the end, the owners walked out with their models for the final run through. I got to watch some of the show beforehand, and it was a nice finish to the day after doing so much to prepare. Of course, the next and final step was to take down the booth and load the van back up. All the garments were taken back to the respective boutique booth, and the show was done.

bowm 5.jpg

This fashion show taught me a few things: how to have patience and how to follow a plan to get things done on time even with hitches in the plan. I would say this was one of the best experiences I have had as a fashion student, and I am so happy that I got to fulfill one of my childhood dreams.

mk 1.png

To see more photos from the event, go to Michelle Krick Style on Facebook.

Holiday Styling & Fashion Show Event

I’m still coming off of such a high from Thursday nights event! It was so fun and I met some amazing new people. I started thinking about my journey through this event, and I thought it would be fun to blog about my process, the experience, and the event.

I have been doing workshops for about a year now. Not a ton, but when I do them, I absolutely love them because I meet new people, and I love talking style and fashion! So I started thinking about my next event and wanted it to be little different so I decided to combine my workshop with a fashion show and a shopping party with stores from around the area. I immediately thought of the most amazing space...the place where Mod Bettie shoots, and where Naughty Bettie is located.


Most of my events are very intimate, but I wanted to do an event on a much bigger scale, and if I was asking boutiques to join, we had to invite more people in. That’s when the stress kicked in. If you’ve ever planned an event, you know there are two components: the planning of the event, and getting people to attend.

My favorite part about these workshops is the knowledge I am able to share. I love talking fashion, trends, style, and showing how to style clothes in different ways. I am inspired when I see faces light up and people seeing how they can put an outfit together. I enjoy giving my clients confidence in building their own brand and style.

I have to say, I had so much fun planning this event. After I finalized the venue, and confirmed all the boutiques that would participate, I started planning the details. First, what would I serve? I saw an amazing charcuterie presentation that I had to do!!! Then I started planning the layout of the room and the rentals I would need. All this time, focusing on getting people to know about the event and attend.

IMG_3353 2.jpeg

Then the fun really began…outfitting the models. I went to each boutique and worked with the storeowners and models. What a blast!!! My whole concept is to show clients how to style outfits that they feel good in. I loved watching models/owners get excited about what I put together for them, and loved collaborating with their ideas.

The day of the event was here. I was nervous and excited all at the same time. I ran my errands in the morning picking up the food and treats, and then went to the location to set everything up…and it started snowing. I couldn’t believe it! My stress came back again…will people come out in this, what will we do with all the extra food if they don’t? All I could do was do my best and it was going to be what it would be. Elise Kutt (my partner in crime and studio owner) got started setting up the room and we had a blast! We cranked 80’s songs and enjoyed a glass of wine and made it happen!

The boutiques and models started arriving while I was getting my make up done by Jenna at About Face, and it was all beginning to be real. The boutiques set up their spaces, I walked the models through the program and the runway, and I finished my work of art: the charcuterie presentation! I got dressed and people started to arrive.

What a thrill when the party actually started!! The nerves at the beginning of an event are hard to describe, but then I settle in and start to get excited. I love meeting new people and I am so touched by my friends that come and support me at these events. After some mingling and some wine, we were ready to start the workshop. I am definitely a little nervous standing in front of a room full of 50 people, but as soon I get started I feel like I’m in my element and ready to have some fun. The workshop and fashion show went amazing!! I did 2 segments: Gift giving and Holiday Outfits. The clients enjoyed a fashion show for each segment, and then I talked styling tips for each outfit in the fashion show. Talking styling and fashion is such a rush for me, and I love teaching people how to feel like they can put an outfit together and feel confident. Then the shopping and mingling!! I love both so much! I even got in the photo booth and had some fun with my friends.


Then the let down…cleaning up after an event. What a job!!! And it is so sad to see it all come down and come to an end.

I want to say thank you to some key players that make an event like this a reality: First, Elise Kutt, owner of Mod Bettie and Naughty Bettie, who is an all around amazing person and someone I can’t thank enough for all she does! I would also like to thank the boutique partners, (LA Miller, Iris Boutique, Lisa Lehmann Designs, About Face, Athleta and Marie La Mode) because it is not easy to “lug” the entire product they bring to an event like this, but each one of them was so gracious and amazing, and most of them even did double duty with some modeling. And I want to thank the models that are not professionals but are professional in my book…positive, nice, fun, so kind, and amazing models. And lastly, my friends who consistently support me at all my events, especially Kristen who I wrangled into bartending and is always promoting and supporting any way she can, Natalie, who continues to amaze me every time she models and how much she dives right in and helps me out with anything I need, and my social media guru friend, Anna, who takes the fun pictures from the event and posts on social media always with a smile on her face.

So why did I write this? Because my clients mean so much to me, and I thought it would be a fun insight to what it takes to run an event like this, and hopefully it’s clear that I know how lucky I am that I get to do what I love everyday, and I do it for you…my clients!

Michelle Krick


We had a seriously good time in the Mod Bettie Photo Booth…

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